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Play Ball: Rumors, Byrd, Big Z, and more

Well, well, well, what have we here? We have an injured Albert Pujols who was already not doing very will on paper. He will be out four to six weeks with a broken forearm. Both his numbers and now the injury are guaranteed to affect the contract he gets in free agency this winter. I would even go as far as to say that the injury has increased his chances of landing with the Cubs even though many say that it decreases the chances of him leaving the Cardinals. I say that he will end up with the Cubs because he seems like the type of guy who would stab them in the back because they screwed him by not giving what he wanted in an extension deal before this season started.

Staying on the rumor mill there have been a number of rumors about other rumors out there including one that the Cubs could consider trading Ryan Dempster if they don’t turn the season around by the trading deadline. Here is the thing with that rumor, he is still under contract for one more season, 2012, the Cubs are in no position to be paying him to play elsewhere and I just don’t see it happening. So I am going to go out on a limb and say that any talk of Dempster being traded away is just that and that the only time the Cubs will even consider that as an option is next year if they are struggling to win games again.

It is looking like Marlon Byrd is going to be heading out on a rehab assignment this weekend and should be back by next weekend against the White Sox at Wrigley Field. The only way this will mean anything is if he comes out of the gate after returning and gets hot right away. This team needs him to get hot and stay hot if they are going to get above the break even point by the All Star break and stay above it. Once this team is back to full strength I believe that it will not take anything at all for them to come roaring from behind and make the playoffs.

Barely two short weeks after going off on his team after they lost a game that he started Zambrano is now rallying the troops to “win a title for the fans”. I like when players say things like this but I have a problem when players do what Zambrano did saying it as close to a blow-up as he did. My problem is that the he knows that the blow-up of a couple weeks ago is still fresh on the minds of fans and he is saying it to get on the good side of fans again…. if he wants to be on our good side he needs to just go out and pitch like he did over the weekend throwing 8 strong innings of 3-run ball. Thats all there is to it, play hard, give it all you got, don’t place blame and the fans will love you.

Michael Wilbon of ESPN says that Jim Hendry’s performance should be forgiven because his hands were tied for three years under Sam Zell. Sorry Michael, your wrong. When did the Cubs go out and sign Alfonso Soriano to an 8-year deal? Wasn’t that in 2007? Wasn’t Sam Zell in charge in 2007? Don’t get me wrong I like Fonzi but he is not worth nearly as much as the Cubs spent to get him he is old and washed up. Fonzi is a great example of my number one problem with athletes, they get paid millions of dollars based on their prior performance. While this is how many get paid the problem with athletes is that their ability declines as they get older so they should not be getting paid more they should be getting paid less. I would be fine with an 8-year deal for Fonzi but not at an average of $17 million a season, with the big seasons being the last six of the deal, in 2009 he made $16 million, in 2010 he made $18 million and will continue to make that for the remainder of the deal. Like I said, its not about the years its about the money. I would have paid him $18 million a season for no more than two seasons and between $13 and $15 million for the rest of the years. Obviously, because of other big contracts I would have backloaded the deal as Hendry did but I never would have made the biggest seasons the last 6 because then it makes it impossible to trade him if you want to get younger because teams will not want to pick up the deal and you are not going to pay him to play elsewhere. So sorry Michael, but Hendry does not deserve any brakes here. I do not care if his hands were tied under Sam Zell or not you still don’t structure a deal for a 30-year old player that makes it impossible to trade him down the road.

I have been very Cubs heavy this month. I am going to be introducing two new columns in the coming month, Touchdown and Slam Dunk. They will be my football and fasketball columns respectively. I may possibly introduce a third new column too but I am still thinking about that, so stay tuned.