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Play Ball: Playoff Edition

The Bulls are 2-0 in the playoffs. The Blackhawks managed to stay alive with e BIG 7-2 win the other night. And even with a double header split yesterday the Cubs find themselves in a four way tie for first in a week central division, the only division in all of baseball to have any sort of tie at the top.

So far the cubs have yet to play a game on Thursday. I am going to go out on a limb and say that their Thursday games are going to be the difference between another down season and a good season. If they can manage to win more than fifty percent of their Thursday games they will end up being right there in the division race come the end of September. Here is why I make that prediction. First, they have yet to play a game on Thursday this season their first will be next Thursday, April 28th. Next, They have lost all three Sunday games they’ve played, and won all three Monday games. The rest of their wins and losses are scattered. They are: 2-1 on Tuesdays, 1-2 on Wednesdays, 1-2 on Fridays, and 2-1 on Saturdays.  The theme here is that they are 1-2 both before and after off days but unbeatable on Monday. So as long as they win more than fifty percent of their Thursday games they should be in the race until the end in a very week division.