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Play Ball: Injury Updates, Management, and Rumors

The Cubs have been bitten really hard by the injury bug this season. Almost every member of the pitching staff has had at least one ride on the 15-day DL including Zambrano who is due back in the next couple of days from his back strain. I believe that only member of the pitching staff to not hit the DL yet this season that was with the team on opening day is Carlos Marmol, even Kerry Wood was on the DL for two weeks at the end of June with blister problems.

Moving on, there has been a lot of talk that General Manager Jim Hendry going to be shown the door before the season ends. Here is my take on that, Jim Hendry needs to go and he needs to do it on his own limb. His loyalty has hurt this franchise more than it has helped it. Ol’ Jimmy boy has been loyal to this team, being the farm director from 1995-2002 and GM ever since. Here is the, thinking like a fan and a business man though, I sit here saying that he needs to go and realize that he was the GM in 2003 when were were within 5 outs of the World Series, 2004 when we collapsed in New York, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Five seasons in which we either made the playoffs or were in the race until the very end. If we exclude 2002 since he was named GM midseason when there was not any real chance of making the playoffs, he has been able to compile the right players to put this team in contention 62.5% of the time. That is a hard task and it is not his fault the team fell apart in 2003 or any of the other years, he was not on the field playing, the players were. I honestly think that is how the Ricketts’ are looking at the situation and if thats the case I can not fault them. You can not expect a team that has been injured as much as the Cubs have been this season to be in first place or even second place. That said, I do think they are going to make some tough decisions at the trade deadline here in 15 days that could make or break their chancing of making a rebound.

That leads me to the rumor mill. There have been a number of rumors involving players like Aramis Ramirez, Kerry Wood, and Alfonso Soriano being traded. In short I would say in the case of those three guys… don’t count on it because all three have not trade clauses. Some rumors I would actually pay attention to right now include, Matt Garza to the Red Sox, John Grabow to the Yankees, and Geo Soto. Any rumor involving Soto needs to be given attention because he is worth a lot to this team even though they have two up and coming catchers and if traded could make or break a rebound in the second half. I say this because the catcher is the leader of the pitching staff. Without a good catcher who knows how to call pitches there is no way this team will have a chance at a rebound.

Back to the Wood, Soriano, and Ramirez rumors for a second. Wood isn’t going anywhere because he loves Chicago and will not aprove a trade because he decided to come back here instead of retiring since he still wanted to play. Soriano still has 3 years remaining on his 8-year deal and will make 18 million each year… the only team that would even consider paying a 35-year old player that kind of money other than the Cubs would be the Yankees and I am not sure Soriano wants to go back there, the choice is his in the end since he has ten-five rights, and honestly I don’t think the Yankees even have that kind of money to throw around so if the Cubs are going to end up paying more than half of the remaining money to Soriano they will probably just retain him. As for Ramirez, he has ten-five rights which means he has to approve a trade and he does not sound like he wants to give up on winning it in Chicago. Lets not forget that Woody and Ramirez are the only two members of the team that were here back in 2003. They feel an obligation to the fans is still unfulfilled and they wont to rectify that if they can. Only time will tell what happens but of all the rumors I have heard to this point there are four guys that I just can not see being traded before the off season, if at all, they are Woody, Ramirez, Soriano, and Soto.

Thats all I have for now. Check back soon for more rumor talk.