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Play Ball: Injuries, Rumors, Goats, and more

The Cubs have won 4 out of 5 games this week… but there is one problem the season is nearly half over and they have yet to win more than two games in a row at any given point. This is not a good thing at all. In the last few days we have seen Reed Johnson and Alfonso Soriano return. Of course their returns meant corrosponding moves had to take place. The return of Johnson meant the demotion of Colvin back to AAA. My only problem with this is Colvin was finally starting to string hits together and while he might be better off starting at AAA we still are short Marlon Byrd for a couple more weeks and had we kept Colvin with the big club for a but longer his trade value might have increased more than it will at AAA. Also, I believe Colvin is now down to one more call-up before his options are all gone. Darwin “The Purple Dianosour” Barney went on the DL just in time for Soriano to come off. Bareny spained his knee on a slide into second base in┬áthe win a few nights ago against the Brewers and was placed on the DL making room for Soriano to return.

There has been a lot of talk this week about the management of the team from Ownership on down. The hot topic until Thursday was the Hendry’s days are numbered. Tom Ricketts finally spoke out saying that Everyone is safe until the end of the season at the least. He also stated that Hendry will be allowed to spend at the trading deadline if the team is doing well. There has also been a lot of controversy about how the Ricketts’ family is handeling the team. Here is my take. They are Cubs fans and they have expereince running a multi-billion dollar business under their father. They will figure it out eventually, hopefully eventually is sooner rather than later. Just look at the Red Sox and their ownership group John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino they had minimal, if any, experience running a baseball team prior to teaming up to purchase the Red Sox organization and they have put things together in the last 7 years to win 2 championships and break The Curse of the Bambino. I am sure that the Ricketts’ family will bring a ring home shortly.

Trade rumors are starting to pick up with the trading deadline a month and a half away. There are a three rumors surrouding the Cubs right now. First is that Fukudome’s days are numbered and he could be gone by the trading deadline. I am not sure this is the best move for the good of the team if we do manage to get back to .500 Fukudome has been a big part of the teams minimal success this season and without him the outfield on a daily basis this team will not get anywhere near the playoffs this season. Next is the idea that Zambrano is willing to wave his no trade clause if the team wants to trade him. There are a couple of things on this one; First, I think he believes that the team would ask for a kings ransom in return for him but the problem is that a kings ransom in Jim Hendry’s eyes is not the same as a kings ransom it is a princes pay check; Second, there is probably only one team that the he would ever accept a trade to… do I even need to name them? Finally, not necessarily a trade rumor, though it could turn into on if the Brewers fall out of it anytime soon, Prince Fielder has┬ápublicly┬ásaid he would consider the Cubs in free agency. If I was given the choice of Fielder or Pujols for about the same type of money per season I would take Fielder in an instant┬ábecause┬áhe is three and a half years younger and likely wont be demanding nearly as long of a contract, oh and he is a lefty. Just my take.

Prior to Tuesdays game against the Brewers, many Cubs players were wearing shirts that said “F**k the goat!!!” making light of the Billy Goat Curse. I like that they are having fun with it now. The only problem I have with it is they have not been playing like the really want to kill the curse. Having fun is alwayws good though so go out there and have fun boys.

I am ready to see this team rip things up in interleague play over the next couple of weeks and get back to .500, here’s to hoping, right? Thats all I got for now. Check back soon for more.