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Amazon releases Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Amazon may have beat Google to the punch on releasing a cloud storage service, but they did not necessarily beat Apple to the punch. Nope. Apple has had cloud storage service for a few years now. That service is called MobileMe. The only thing they beat Apple to offering is a FREE cloud storage service.

Anyways, here is the reason I will end up using and likely paying for Google’s (if/when they release it) cloud storage service. Amazon’s does not have a desktop client and Apple’s MobileMe when they announce what they are going to do with it is probably only going to allow you to upload music, movies, TV shows, apps, etc. that has been purchased through iTunes. I have a lot of music that I purchased before the iTunes days that I have converted to MP3s and don’t want to pay for that stuff again so this is the reason I am likely to stick with DropBox as my cloud storage service once I can afford paying for such a service I am going to get a 50GB account which will be more than enough for me because my library is only about 16gb and I can use the rest of the storage to back up my documents.

Before I conclude this post, lets go back to Amazon for a second. I am going to have to agree with the many reports circulating the web that say Amazon is about to release an Android Tablet. They sure are, and you know what. It is going to be the Fourth generation Kindle. e-Book readers have been replaced with tablets you know it, I know it, Amazon knows it, and so from now on the Kindle will be some sort of (probably dual-screen, front-and-back-) touch screen device. Which means the final iteration of the Kindle e-reader (Kindle 3) might continue to be “sold” as a free device for Amazon Prime customers but I am not so sure.