Davood Denavi

Website Development Strategist

Statement of Work

My clients hire me for everything from one-shot “fix-it” projects and specific improvement to comprehensive website development and ongoing maintenance. As their website strategist, I determine the necessary steps toward completing the project and identify the most efficient route to achieving each step. I am a generalist with expertise in seeing the big picture. In some cases, I also am the best qualified professional to tackle the technical work; in other cases I serve as the liaison and outsource the task to a specialist. Examples of my long-term projects are outlined below.

In early 2017 I began my professional relationship with Rosanne Ullman. I first rebuilt Write My Memoirs in order to make it much more mobile friendly, and I added her requested payment forms to the website. In November 2018 we launched a new, fully functional user area using custom plugins where members have tools to help them write their books and access their data that was transferred from the old website. The process to get to this point was long and drawn out due to the sheer number of users and all of the processes offered by this site. Our next project will be working together to launch a Grammar and Writing Course in 2019. My professional capabilities continue to be the perfect fit to take this business to the highest possible level of success.

I was originally hired by Chris Wickliffe in early 2013 to implement minor technical adjustments to the WordPress website for WickWerks Cycling Components. Most of the adjustments provided a more mobile-friendly experience to the website’s visitors. Due to the immediate success of that project, along with my years of professional experience and total dedication to the utmost quality and superior service, Chris re-hired me at the start of 2016 to facilitate an entire revamp of the website, which has been overwhelming successful.

The success of my work with WickWerks caught the eye of Eldon Goates. Our conversion onto WordPress of his two Synthesis Engineering and Mechanical Elements websites was a complete success, and I have continued to maintain the websites since the July of 2016.

Since early 2013 I have maintained a professional relationship with Andrew Murphy, the owner of SoCalTrucks. I launched a new design of the website in November 2017 and currently am in the process of perfecting the mobile phone design to achieve the highest quality in function and reliability. I have also helped Andrew maintain and track the traffic by implementing onsite SEO, using keywords, tags and Google Analytics. I implemented a custom post type for the classifieds section using Toolset for the listing pages, and I built a payment page using Gravity Forms.

Since 2012 I have been the sole individual that Paul Harb has turned to for all website development. He first contacted me to repair and rebuild sections of the website after the website for RentEvanston was hacked. With this accomplished, I have continually been his go-to guy for monitoring the website security and speed. With this success, he asked me to create and maintain the websites for 1100Lasalle and Villa Royale Apartments, which I have been doing with the same positive outcomes.

My professional relationship with Wes Simmons has been an ongoing enterprise of debugging various situations on 3D Institute, which utilizes LearnDash and other WordPress plugins. During our professional relationship, which began in 2015, I have also completed UI/UX modifications from time to time. These processes have exponentially increased the scope and success of this business, and I plan to continue to keep the process ongoing for this company into the future.

What are clients saying?

  • Ran into Davood a bit by accident — a fortunate acquaintance.  He helped us over the hurdles of launching the web site with all the details of getting it to look and act just right.  He was instrumental in guiding us in choices with plugin’s, etc..  Davood was very conscientious in understanding my desires and worked to make the site as I wanted. He is awesome to work with as we continue to update over time because he communicates progress, notes external events that may affect us, and tracks well the lists of changes I request. We have worked together for several years now, and Davood is our go-to source.  Thanks for the great service.


  • I had been trying for about a year to relaunch my non-WordPress website as a WordPress website, but progress kept coming to a halt. There was one section in particular that kept tripping up the previous tech people I used. Then I found Davood. He figured out the complexities and walked me through everything I didn’t understand. He paid so much attention to detail and turned out to be the best partner for me since my website’s late co-founder. Always keeping in mind my overall business goals, Davood even alerted me to available tech deals that smoothed out the process and opened up new doors for marketing. Now my site,, looks modern and functions the way I’d envisioned. I am very grateful that I found Davood.

    • Rosanne Ullman
  • Davood is a consummate professional. He thoroughly listens to your objectives and then works closely with you to achieve the results you desire. He is focused, analytical and creative which is a rare blend. I would recommend him and speak very highly of him to anyone seeking web development and online services.

  • I’ve been working with Davood’s team and was simply impressed with how fast they were able to recover my WordPress website,, after it had been hacked. They also redeveloped and secured the new version so that it would not be hacked again. .

    • Nancy
  • My wife referred me to Davood in 2014 when I needed two websites built for rental properties which my team manages. He has been managing both sites since then and has become my go to website developer for any new projects I start.
    • Paul Harb
  • I have worked on several projects with Davood, his service and knowledge is outstanding. He works hard to have his job done perfectly and even if there are any issues along the way, he makes sure that all is fixed. He is reliable and great to work with. I am happy to recommend his services and plan to keep working with me on my upcoming projects.

    • Viktoria Nikoletta Pozsgai, Owner & Designer at VN Vision
  • I am a professional photographer in the Chicagoland area and needed someone to create a site for me to both showcase and sell my work. Davood was an excellent candidate for this job. He works fast if you have important deadlines and he is VERY knowledgable when it comes to creating a site. Davood has a strong skill set when it comes to site seo, shopping cart features, email marketing, site speed, and site layout. Davood is also flexible, open to ideas, trustworthy, very patient when it comes to teaching clients how to update the site on their own, reliable, professional, and is always available and responsive to questions in a timely manner. Also, Davood offers extremely fair rates.

  • When I was using the WordPress platform, I had major issues that were happening on my site that MANY developers couldn’t find what was causing. Davood found it, fixed it, and explained how and what was wrong quickly and professionally. He was prompt in his responses and always there when needed, regardless of time of day. HIGHLY recommended for sure.

    • ROCCO ROMITO – Founder, Bar Virgin University
  • First and foremost, Davood is an excellent task manager. He has insights on what needs to be done and when to make your project efficient and to prevent you from having to do things a second time. He has a talent for seeing how the sequence of events need to unfold to have a successful project.

    Davood also cares about his clients and I mean that for real, not just hype. He wants you to succeed, he wants you to make money, he wants you to get customers and I really appreciate that. He worked on an IPB forum migration for me which was not easy and did a great job with it. He is also a master with WordPress.

    • ROBERT LUNTE – Founder and Voice Coach at The Vocalist Studio
  • I hired Davood to setup my new website on a very tight deadline. During the entire process he was very attentive to my specific requirements and details, and extremely communicative. He was extremely professional and made sure that I was 100% happy (and that nothing broke when I went into the CMS to edit sections myself) before closing the project. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my site and would hire Davood again in a heartbeat.

  • Working with Davood and his team has been a huge boost to my web-based business.  Working together we put up a clean, functional website in a short amount of time.  The work was on time and they were very flexible when it came to my changing needs.

    The best part of this partnership is that they were most interested in solving my problems, even if it took more than the allotted time.  If you’re looking for a developer who will help you understand the maintenance process and is willing to explain each step along the way, this is your guy.

    • MATTHEW J VENDRYES – Founding Teacher,
  • To work with Davood has been a great experience. We approached him with a significant challenge and Davood walked us through every step and met or surpassed our goal. Davood exhibited clear communication, experience and a care for customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to our next project together.

    • Roger Craig