On My Own

A Personal Journal
by Davood Denavi

What Are Quiet Hours?

As a website developer and contractor I get my best work done when things are quiet and I am able to focus. As a contracted website developer who offers website hosting and maintenance to my clients quiet hours are the windows of time where I will not being interrupted by requests from clients.

Over my seventeen years as a contract website developer my quiet hours have changed many times due to offering on-call maintenance to my clients. However, thanks to the world being shut down due to a deadly virus I’ve been able to stabilize those my quiet hours after trying many times.

This has helped me open up my schedule during business hours to be available for meetings with clients who need work done on active projects. This also allows me to not get distracted when maintenance requests come in from clients who are having issues with their websites.

My quiet hours for creative tasks are early in the morning and on Saturday mornings. My quiet hours for administrative and development tasks are in the evenings and on Saturday afternoons. If I still have creative or development tasks left to do when I call it a day on Saturday I make the time for to finish them on Sunday so that my to-do list is empty going into the new week.

In order to make up for working on the weekends I only make myself available for meetings three days during the week. This gives me time to do things that I like doing that are not related to website development such as blogging or going to sporting events. In the summer I will sometimes throw myself a curveball by taking a Sunday off and filling in one day during the week with the quite hours.