On My Own

A Personal Journal
by Davood Denavi

Let’s Play Favorites For a Minute

Today, I will answer Paul’s question from earlier this week when I asked for questions.

What is your favorite type of site do you like to build?

This is a tough question to answer for website developers because many of us do not like to play the game of favorites. As a result, I am going to to share what my favorite three types of websites to build are and why…

  1. E-Commerce websites for businesses in the Athletics and/or Sports nicheThese could be for businesses owned by influencers or even pro-athletes. However, sometimes they are simply for people who are normal joes like me who happen to be more athletic than I’ve ever been which helps motivate me to accomplish their goals no matter how long it takes as long as I am meeting the clients goals and they are happy with my solution.
  2. Websites for Restaurants and Bars (and Breweries)A website for businesses in this sector might sound easy to build. However, the best websites for restaurants and bars tend to have advanced functionality built into them for online ordering as well as booking reservations and/or events. As a developer I love developing and managing sites that have advanced functionality. 
  3. Informational websites for businesses in the Insurance and/or Financial sector.The businesses I enjoy working with in these sectors tend to want their website to have functionality that does not require their visitors to login such as a loan calculator. Thanks to my history of helping run a family insurance business where we sold all lines of Insurance and Financial services building websites for businesses in these sectors allows me to suggest advancements of the functionality which will allow those businesses to send quotes to their clients quickly and easily. 

With that, if you need help building a new website or updating an old website to add new functionality please get in touch today.