On My Own

A Personal Journal
by Davood Denavi

How AI Saves Me Time

This has been the year of ChatGPT and AI. As a result, I asked my friend and former business partner if he had heard about ChatGPT a few months ago. He reminded me of a time where in just a few seconds he found some website code that we both remembered seeing on a different project about eight years ago.

While we were talking on the phone discussing this I looked for five common pieces of code that I typically log into a clients website hosting to get. What he was explaining typically takes me five to ten minutes to successfully get the code into the new website if I am not able to find it in my notes or google within a minute or two. I found all five pieces of code within 25 seconds.

There are also more time consuming tasks which I have used ChatGPT are writing proposals, contracts, and cover letters to get interviews for a full-time job…

Let’s start with how I use ChatGPT to help me with proposals and cover letters. Over the last seventeen years it has taken me an average of five hours to get through the proposal and contract writing process

Providing ChatGPT the job post and my resume I have been able to cut the amount of time writing proposals and cover letters down by 75%. Thanks to ChatGPT all that is left for me to do is edit the proposal or cover letter. So, in total a three hour process down to approximately 45 minutes.

Where it comes to writing contracts I typically use the same contract these days and I am filling in blanks. However, sometimes I need to change parts of the contract because of what the client is asking for.

When changing parts of the contract based on the clients requests I provide ChatGPT the proposal, my notes from the call with the potential client, and my contract template. Thanks to ChatGPT I have been able to write these modified contracts in under an hour; until I started using AI for this it would take me an average of three hours to write modified contracts.

Using ChatGPT has also helped me refine my on-boarding process with new clients putting the call with potential clients before the written proposal. This leads to less back and fourth through the proposal and contract writing process shaving approximately 1.5 hours off of the process and giving me more time to actually get work done on active projects.

2 Responses

  1. Chat GPT is awesome and has tons of ways to save time. But I won’t use it to write a blog post, for instance, of a letter to a friend etc

    1. Agreed. Even if I did use it to write a blog post. I would only be using what it provided me as a guide of points to make in my blog post. I will still write the post entirely using my voice.