Fanboy Alert

I am done making excuses, lying, and justifying.

I am an Apple Fanboy. I have been my entire life but could never afford their products. The first Apple product I ever owned was my Late 2008 model Macbook. Then my iPhone 3Gs, then my iPhone 4 and my iPad, and now my Macbook Air.

I said I would not justify but I have to justify… it is just who I am I feel everything deserves justification. There are two reasons I love Apple so much. First and foremost, I love Apple because they have EXCELLENT Customer Service. When I say EXCELLENT I mean it. I only had one problem with their Customer Service and it was not their representatives fault it was mine. I misunderstood what they were saying and as a result got upset. Other than that one misunderstanding I have never had any problems with their Customer Service. I got shit Customer Service from Best Buy (with a Toshiba Laptop), HP, Dell, and Gateway over the last 10 years both on the business side and the consumer side. That is four of the biggest five Windows PC manufacturers/resellers the fifth being Sony. Back in 2008, my sisters computer was failing and I was tired of my Toshiba which was a year old because it had Vista and couldn’t handle the OS so I gave her my Toshiba, after installing Windows XP on it, because she didn’t have the money to go buy a new laptop and I did.

This was when I purchased my Macbook (which I have recently sold for half of the 1500 I paid for it so that I’d have enough money to purchase my Macbook Air). At that point in time I was deciding between a Macbook or a Sony because Sony like Apple has their own retail stores and great Customer Service.

The problem was the Sony laptop I would have gotten was out of stock at the exact moment I wanted to purchase it and I did not have time to wait nor did I really feel like living without a laptop for a few days to get another Windows PC. I was ready for a change after watching from afar my whole life especially knowing that if I ever wanted to go back I could always install Windows on my Macbook, and purchase a MacBook. After a week with my Macbook I was struggling to get around in OSX so I installed Windows. Then when my now at-the-time-girlfriend got home for winter break she helped me to relearn Mac OS. I say relearn because I used Macs at school back in grammar school and high school when it was OS7, OS8, and OS9. After she helped me relearn my way around Max OS. I removed Windows and never looked back.

A couple months after the iPhone 3Gs was released my phone broke and I went to the AT&T store to get a new phone, I went into the store planning to just get another flip phone but then ONLY and yes I mean ONLY once they said all they had was a $150 flip phone with no contract, which ultimately is what I wanted (the no contract part), I decided I was going to hold off for a bit and talk to my parents. My parents told me that if saving money meant signing a new contract I could get whatever phone I wanted. And so it goes, I went back the next day and purchased an iPhone 3Gs, once again I never looked back.\

Then the iPad and iPhone 4 came out in Spring and Summer 2010 respectively and near the end of the Summer I had enough money to get both so I did. I only upgraded my phone because I was sick of the battery always needing to be charged on my 3Gs and had heard reviews from friends about how AMAZING the iPhone 4’s battery was. Back to my Customer Service testimonial.

Continued GREAT Customer Service
About 3 months after purchasing the two items my iPad screen got a hairline scratch on it and my iPhone 4’s back panel cracked. I made an appointment with the Genius bar and with no questions asked they replaced BOTH my iPad and my iPhone under warranty, no cost to me. That trip to the Apple Store, because they did not have any replacement plans for broken backs to the iPhone 4 in place yet, should have cost me about $655 but it cost me $0.

Now on to my second, and probably more important reason for being such an Apple lover. Having majored in interface design as an Undergraduate I have realized that Apple actually makes the better user interface both in the desktop market (OSX vs. Windows) and in the Mobile Market (iOS vs. Android vs. BBOS vs. Palm OS vs. WinMo). Now granted the only versions of WinMo I used were WinMo5.x and WinMo6.x, I have never used WinMo 7 or BBOS, for at least a few minutes and none of them ever compared to iOS…. the moment I picked up an iPhone for the first time back in 2008 when a friend let me use his to check something on the internet I got how to use it with no hesitation. Everything was right there.

Even though I am such an Apple lover there are a few things I can say I don’t like… First, their obsession with making things thin and light. Next, the obsession to kill Flash, I mean I don’t like Flash either but that doesn’t mean that people who do like it should not be able to use it on the computer or even their phone if they want to. Finally, the walled garden of the App Store. There is not much to say about any of those three items because they are three of the most common complaints I hear from Apple haters and I too don’t like those things but I have learned to deal with them and move on because I love the interface so much.

That’s all I got. I know I am still going to get a ton of heat from some people but the bottom line is I was put on this planet to do what I want with my money and if I choose to pay double or even triple for the same hardware I can get on the Windows side I can do that because its my money not yours. It’s my life, not yours why the hell do you care what I spend my money on. I like top notch Customer Service and I will pay whoever is willing to give it to me first.