On My Own

A Personal Journal
by Davood Denavi

Ask Me Anything

I am currently redesigning and rebuilding my entire site. This process has taken a toll on my involvement with other things that are important to me since I also have active projects with clients.

With that, thanks for coming to the site and reading about my plans with my contracting business. I have a favor to ask of you! Now that you are here, what would you like to know about me as it relates to developing websites? What question would you like answered about what goes into developing a website? What is causing the most pain for you right now? Go on, Ask Me Anything! Tomorrow, I will select one or two (or a few questions) and answer them for you! So, leave a comment below and ask me a question!


3 Responses

  1. Yes, what does go into designing a web site? I’ve changed the theme for my blog and having trouble editing it. I understand using blocks to edit but not understanding a whole bunch. I finally figured out how to edit the menu part. I understand the term template but not how to use it. For instance I was trying to create a header and having a photo in it as a template. But perhaps. I have the wrong idea. Well everything is driving me nuts. I’m using Reverie as my theme on WordPress. It looks good as it is but I was trying to make it better. So far just creating frustrations.

  2. Hey Davood – Great format and I look forward to seeing which of the questions you answer.

    My question for you would be this – what is your favorite type of site do you like to build? Or, who is the best client that you enjoy working with?