Amazon releases Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Amazon may have beat Google to the punch on releasing a cloud storage service, but they did not necessarily beat Apple to the punch. Nope. Apple has had cloud storage service for a few years now. That service is called MobileMe. The only thing they beat Apple to offering is a FREE cloud storage service. … Read more

More on iPad 2

Not because people don’t want it… but because they can not afford it. The more time that passes the more I am believing that Apple has intensions to release a third generation iPad this year, in time for the holidays. Apple’s mistake that will cannibalize the iPad 2 was, not ignoring (confirming by not confirming) … Read more

Product Comparisons

Carbonite vs. Dropbox I was a Carbonite user for about a year from 2008-2009. Right around that time, another DropBox was released. What I like about DropBox in comparison to Carbonite is that you get 2GB of free storage and can attached one account to as many decices as you want. If you want more … Read more