Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more Apple

I have been talking about Apple a lot lately. I am going to start this post out with a few things not relating to Apple and then close it out with a few more Apple tidbits I have found since the release of the MacBook Pros on Thursday. Amazon Prime Customers to get free streaming … Read more

One Last Thing

As time passes, it is seeming more and more likely that Steve Jobs most recent medical leave could be his last. If he does come back the next time he takes a leave it will be to retire. That said there have been multiple reports in the past week stating that doctors only give Steve … Read more

Phones slowly becoming the Personal Computer

This is a screenshot of a post that one of my friends made to another friends Facebook profile a few days ago. Not known by simply reading the post Sarah has an Android phone. After reading this post I came to the conclusion that many people are replacing their dumb phones with smart phones because … Read more